An Oakland-based startup called Mighty Buildings is using 3D printing technology to revolutionize the construction industry by building homes in just 24 hours. The company claims that their proprietary 3D printing system allows them to produce building components with greater precision and speed than traditional construction methods.

According to the CEO of Mighty Buildings, Sam Ruben, their technology allows them to print “entire walls complete with insulation and built-in finishes like windowsills and electrical sockets,” which results in a faster and more efficient building process. Ruben also notes that their system uses 95% less labor and produces 10 times less waste than traditional construction methods.

Mighty Buildings’ 3D printing system creates prefabricated building components, which are then assembled on-site to create a complete home. The company claims that their homes are more sustainable and energy-efficient than traditional homes, with features such as solar power and smart home technology.

“We can make homes that are net-zero or net-positive, which means that they produce more energy than they consume,” Ruben said.

The company has already completed several projects using their 3D printing system, including an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in San Diego and a backyard studio in Oakland. Mighty Buildings hopes to scale up their operations in the coming years and make 3D-printed homes a more common option for homebuyers.

“We’re not just building faster and cheaper, we’re building better,” Ruben said. “We’re able to create homes that are healthier, more comfortable, and more sustainable than anything that’s been built before.”

Via The Impactlab