Zoox, an Amazon subsidiary that develops autonomous vehicles, announced that it began testing its electric self-driving robotaxi with passengers on California public roads.

Amazon is making strides in the development of autonomous vehicles, with the company’s self-driving car hitting public roads, according to a recent article on ThomasNet. The vehicle has been developed by Amazon subsidiary company Zoox, and it has been seen cruising around several neighborhoods in Seattle.

The car is fully electric, has four-wheel steering, and can carry up to four passengers, and it features a unique carriage-style design that enables passengers to face each other. The vehicle has no driver’s seat, and while Amazon has yet to reveal its plans for the self-driving car, there is speculation that it could be utilized for a range of purposes. As the article notes, “Amazon’s self-driving car could open up a range of possibilities for the e-commerce giant, from same-day delivery to transporting people between its physical stores and warehouses.”

The development of autonomous vehicles is an industry that faces several regulatory and safety challenges, and the article points out that “autonomous vehicles must comply with a patchwork of federal, state, and local regulations, and safety concerns persist.” Despite this, several companies are vying for a share of the market, and the industry is advancing at a rapid pace.

With Amazon entering the autonomous vehicle space, it is another indication of the industry’s evolution. As the article concludes, “The development of autonomous vehicles is likely to continue accelerating in the coming years, with several companies competing for a share of the market.”

Via The Impactlab