The new bed from Sleep Number offers storage and charging on the side rail.

Sleep Number, a leading American bedding manufacturer, has recently announced its latest product, the Sleep Number 360 smart bed. The new mattress is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology that adjusts the bed’s firmness, temperature, and position to help the user sleep better.

According to Shelly Ibach, Sleep Number’s CEO, the company is “committed to being a purpose-driven, innovation leader with a mission to improve lives through better sleep.” She believes that the new smart bed is a game-changer in the sleep industry, as it provides “personalized, individualized, and effortless comfort for each person.”

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed uses sensors to track the user’s heart rate, breathing, and movements. The data collected is then analyzed by the AI system to make adjustments to the bed’s settings. The bed also has a feature that automatically adjusts to the user’s preferred position during the night.

Ibach emphasizes that the Sleep Number 360 smart bed is not just another tech gadget, but a “holistic sleep experience.” She says, “We’re not just about selling a product. We’re about selling an outcome. We’re about changing people’s lives.”

The company’s focus on personalized sleep experience is echoed by Kyle Nel, the founder of Uncommon Partners, the consulting firm that helped Sleep Number with its AI strategy. According to Nel, “The more we can use AI to create personalized experiences, the better we can create deeper relationships with our customers.”

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed is not the only product in the market that uses AI technology to enhance sleep experience. However, Sleep Number’s focus on personalization sets it apart from its competitors. As Ibach puts it, “Sleep Number is not about making the world’s best mattress. We’re about making the world’s best mattress for you.”

By The Impactlab