A European company aims to revolutionize air travel with its sustainable hypersonic jet prototype set to cut flight times by 75%.

Destinus, the Swiss-based company, has already flown two prototypes successfully and is now preparing for a third test flight to evaluate the fuel systems. The design of the jet is based on the “Waverider” shape, also used in hypersonic cruise missiles and the Concorde jet, enabling it to “ride” the sound barrier.

With sustainable hydrogen as the only viable fuel option, the company is set to revolutionize commercial hypersonic travel. The prototype will reduce travel times from Frankfurt to Sydney to 4 hours 15 minutes and from Memphis to Dubai to 3 hours 30 minutes.

Destinus has received tens of millions from private and public funds to fund renewable innovation and has acquired Dutch company OPRA to become their in-house hydrogen department. The company plans to have a smaller-scale version of the jet ready for commercial flight in the 2030s, capable of carrying 25 passengers, and full-scale versions ready in the 2040s.

By Impact Lab