A student team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has introduced what could potentially be the most efficient hydrogen car in the world. Named ERXII, this groundbreaking vehicle aims to cover a remarkable distance of over 2,000km using just 1kg of hydrogen fuel. To put it into perspective, this distance is equivalent to the stretch between Amsterdam and Kyiv.

The ERXII’s capabilities will be put to the test in June at Shell’s Eco-Marathon event in France. The Eco-Runner will compete against student teams from across Europe to break the world record for the longest distance traveled on hydrogen without refueling. The current record, set in 2022 by a methanol fuel-cell-powered Renault Zoe, stands at 2,056km. The 80kg carbon fiber vehicle has been meticulously designed to maximize aerodynamics. With a constant speed of 45kph, the ERXII is projected to cover 2,056km within a span of three days.

This hydrogen car is one of several remarkable vehicles developed by Eco-Runner in recent years. According to team leader Julian de Klerk, this year’s focus has been on efficiency and reliability. While the previous concept proved to be efficient, the team aimed to enhance reliability for the upcoming record attempt. De Klerk added, “And well, it’s quite futuristic looking.”

Eco-Runner envisions its compact hydrogen car as a glimpse into a future where all vehicles are smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic, emphasizing shared mobility as a sustainable and efficient mode of transport. This vision aligns with Europe’s ongoing transition from fossil-fueled vehicles to more sustainable alternatives. While electric vehicles (EVs) have received significant attention in the passenger car segment, the Eco-Runner team believes that hydrogen-powered city cars also have a crucial role to play on the roads.

According to operations manager Eliane van Boxtel, “Electric cars are also part of the solution for sustainable mobility, but the electricity grid is already filling up. Electrifying the whole world is not an option. Hydrogen and electric cars go hand in hand. There is no one big winner.”

As the competition draws near, the student team is eagerly anticipating June, aiming to claim first prize and set another remarkable record for hydrogen-powered travel. The ERXII stands as a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of efficient and sustainable transportation.

By Impact Lab