Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation (Sanctuary AI) has achieved a significant milestone in its pursuit of creating human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots. The company announced the successful deployment of its unique system, marking the world’s first implementation of such advanced technology at a customer commercial facility through its collaboration with Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC).

Commercial Deployment at Mark’s Retail Store:

The groundbreaking deployment took place at a Mark’s retail store in Langley, BC, Canada, setting a precedent for utilizing general-purpose robots in a real-life commercial environment. During the week-long pilot program at the CTC-owned store, the general-purpose robot underwent rigorous testing, successfully completing 110 retail-related tasks. These tasks encompassed various front and back-of-store activities, including merchandise picking and packing, cleaning, tagging, labeling, folding, and more. Sanctuary AI’s prior laboratory testing ensured a seamless integration of their technology in a commercial setting.

Addressing Labor Challenges:

Geordie Rose, co-founder and CEO of Sanctuary AI, highlighted the labor challenges faced by organizations today, such as an aging population, declining birth rates, and a changing job market. Through their partnership with Canadian Tire Corporation, Sanctuary AI analyzed work processes in retail and distribution center environments. The deployment of a general-purpose robot aimed to perform routine tasks that employees found unsatisfying or unfavorable. The outstanding results of the pilot program have proven the efficacy of the technology, fostering excitement among both companies involved.

Operational Efficiency and Better Connected Strategy:

Canadian Tire Corporation has leveraged its collaboration with Sanctuary AI to explore cutting-edge innovations and accelerate operational efficiency. The successful pilot program at Mark’s retail store allowed the company to redirect human resources toward higher-value and more meaningful work, such as customer service and engagement. Cari Covent, VP of Data, Analytics, and AI at Canadian Tire Corporation, emphasized the importance of strategic investments and partnerships to drive their Better Connected strategy, ultimately enhancing customer understanding, experience, and operational efficiencies.

The Path to Digital Transformation:

Sanctuary AI plays a vital role in facilitating a digital transformation, enabling customers to operate more safely, efficiently, and sustainably. By forging an ecosystem of external relationships, Sanctuary AI establishes itself as a leader and pioneer in human-like intelligence for general-purpose robots. The company’s approach involves integrating best-in-class hardware and AI approaches from top-tier companies, solidifying their position as a powerful systems-level company.

Market Potential and Investment Backing:

With its revolutionary technology, Sanctuary AI aims to empower human-like artificial intelligence to perform physical labor across various industries. Goldman Sachs predicts that this emerging category has the potential to become a market worth up to US$154 billion by 2035. Sanctuary AI’s ecosystem is further bolstered by a roster of prominent investors, including Bell, Canadian Tire Corporation, Evok Innovations, Export Development Canada, Magna, SE Health, Verizon Ventures, and Workday Ventures. With over C$100 million in funding since its inception in 2018, Sanctuary AI is actively seeking additional investment to fuel its mission.


Sanctuary AI’s successful deployment of human-like intelligence robots in partnership with Canadian Tire Corporation marks a significant advancement in the robotics industry. By integrating advanced technology into a commercial environment, the collaboration has demonstrated the potential for improved operational efficiency and the reassignment of human resources to higher-value tasks. With a strong ecosystem and the support of renowned investors, Sanctuary AI is at the forefront of shaping the future of general-purpose robots with human-like intelligence.

By Impact Lab