The powerful connection between music and enhanced performance extends beyond athletic arenas and gym workouts. Now, with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI), music is revolutionizing the operating room, aiding surgeons in achieving better results. NextMed Health, in collaboration with Klick Health, a health marketing agency, has launched Lifesaving Radio, the world’s first AI-based healthcare radio station. Carefully curated with over 30 hours of hard rock music, Lifesaving Radio aims to optimize surgical performance for peak efficiency.

The Intersection of Technology and Medicine:

Dr. Daniel Kraft, a physician and scientist based in Stanford, California, established NextMed Health in 2011 to explore the transformative potential of technology in healthcare. Recognizing that 90% of surgeons and surgical residents already listen to music during procedures, Dr. Kraft believes that AI technology can further enhance the music-medicine connection. Personalized playlists can assist doctors in orchestrating their movements, timing, and harmonization in the operating room. The Lifesaving Radio project exemplifies the convergence of various technologies to improve healthcare outcomes.

Scientific Validation:

A 2022 study conducted at the University Hospital Dresden by German researchers explored the impact of different types of music—AC/DC’s hard rock versus The Beatles’ soft rock—on laparoscopic surgery tasks performed by medical students. The study evaluated task speed and accuracy under three conditions: no music, medium-volume music, and high-volume music. The findings revealed that playing hard rock at medium volume resulted in faster task completion without compromising accuracy. Similarly, higher volume levels increased speed while maintaining accuracy. Inspired by these results, NextMed Health developed Lifesaving Radio to optimize the “flow state” of clinicians during surgical procedures.

The Quest for Surgical Excellence:

While technology continues to advance in healthcare, Dr. Kraft emphasizes that surgery remains a physical profession requiring skill and precision. Surgeons strive to achieve a “flow state” or being “in the zone” during operations, characterized by focused, relaxed high efficiency. Music has been shown to contribute to this state, enhancing cognitive tasks performed by surgical teams. Lifesaving Radio harnesses Spotify’s AI DJ music analytics technology, powered by OpenAI, to analyze millions of song metrics. This analysis helps identify the ideal tempo, key, and loudness for optimal surgical performance.

AI Angus and Personalized Playlists:

Lifesaving Radio introduces its own AI DJ, named AI Angus, who customizes the radio station experience by announcing the names of surgeons and team members before playing music that has been clinically validated to improve the precision and speed of specific procedures. Building on the German study’s findings, Lifesaving Radio’s core set of music is inspired by AC/DC, featuring an album titled “Highway to Heal.” This album includes health-focused parodies of AC/DC’s popular songs, performed by renowned tribute musicians. The team leveraged Spotify’s extensive database to identify additional songs with similar qualities.

Realizing the Potential:

Lifesaving Radio was unveiled at NextMed Health’s annual conference in San Diego, California, where it garnered interest from clinicians, scientists, patients, and public health experts. Dr. Rafael Grossmann, a practicing surgeon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and a pioneer in digital health, was among the first to incorporate Lifesaving Radio in the operating room. Dr. Grossmann, recognizing the profound impact of music on the flow and dynamics of surgical acts, hailed the idea as phenomenal.


With Lifesaving Radio, NextMed Health and Klick Health have harnessed the power of AI and music to optimize surgical performance. By leveraging personalized playlists and carefully curated hard rock music, surgeons can enter a “flow state” that enhances their focus and precision in the operating room. This innovative approach exemplifies the potential for technology to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient outcomes. Lifesaving Radio represents a groundbreaking step in merging music and medicine, ushering in a new era of surgical excellence.

By Impact Lab