“Let the robot make your coffee” is the captivating tagline behind Botbar Coffee, a unique coffee shop set to open soon in Brooklyn. Located at 666 Manhattan Avenue, amidst Greenpoint’s bustling cafe scene, Botbar Coffee aims to revolutionize the industry with its robotic workforce. With signage already in place, the shop’s manager, Sunny Lam, confirms that food service will commence within the next two weeks, promising an innovative coffee experience for patrons.

Breaking New Ground:

Botbar Coffee stands out as the first of its kind in New York City, introducing a concept where robots take charge of pulling espresso shots. While the idea of robotic coffee preparation is not entirely new, with a robotic arm already serving drinks at San Francisco International Airport since 2021, Botbar Coffee brings this technology to the heart of Brooklyn. In Seattle, coffee start-up Artly has also gained attention by securing $8.3 million in funding to establish a series of automated cafes.

The Robot Barista Experience:

At Botbar Coffee, customers will be greeted by a two-armed robotic barista stationed behind the counter, programmed to prepare various drink orders. Richtech Robotics, a robotics manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the key partner providing these cutting-edge machines. Claiming the ability to make up to 50 drinks per hour, including cocktails and bubble tea, the robots add a touch of novelty to the coffee shop experience. In their idle moments, they entertain customers with gestures and dance moves, creating a unique atmosphere.

Ordering and Future Plans:

Botbar Coffee’s website explains that customers will place their orders and complete payment using a convenient touchscreen system. However, it remains unclear whether human baristas and servers will also be part of the team and how the coffee shop plans to address the city’s requirement of accepting cash payments. Eater has reached out to Botbar Coffee for further clarification on these aspects.

Embracing Automation:

Automated cafes like Botbar Coffee are emerging as a response to challenges faced by the restaurant industry, such as hiring shortages and employee retention. Proponents argue that automation can alleviate these issues, while critics express concerns about job displacement and fair wages for workers. The rise of robots in the food service sector is becoming increasingly noticeable, with even dim sum parlors employing robotic cat servers to reduce labor costs.

The Vision of Richtech Robotics:

Richtech Robotics, the supplier behind Botbar Coffee’s robotic workforce, offers an array of automation solutions, including floor-cleaning and food-delivery robots. Their promotional materials emphasize the advantages of robots, such as their ability to work continuously without breaks or sick days. While their approach may raise questions about the future of human employment, Richtech Robotics remains at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of automation in various industries.


Botbar Coffee’s impending launch in Brooklyn represents a groundbreaking chapter in the coffee shop industry. With robots taking on the role of baristas, customers can anticipate a novel and technologically advanced coffee experience. As the trend of automation continues to shape the restaurant landscape, questions regarding job security and fair wages will undoubtedly be raised. Nevertheless, Botbar Coffee and companies like Richtech Robotics are pioneering a new era where humans and robots coexist in the pursuit of delivering innovative services.

By Impact Lab