Apple is reportedly developing a paid health coach service called “Quartz,” which utilizes AI and data from the Apple Watch to offer personalized suggestions and create tailored coaching programs for users. According to Bloomberg, the service aims to help individuals improve their exercise routines, sleep patterns, and eating habits. While Quartz is not expected to be announced this year, it is slated for release next year.

Bloomberg’s report also highlights additional health-focused initiatives from Apple. For instance, iPadOS 17 will introduce a dedicated version of the Health app for iPads. Furthermore, Apple is said to be working on an emotion tracker (distinct from the rumored journaling app) and new features to assist users with nearsightedness. Apple has not yet responded to requests for comment regarding these developments.

These new features will expand upon Apple’s existing health tools integrated into its devices. The company introduced a medication tracking feature last year and operates the paid Fitness Plus service, which offers new workouts on a weekly basis. Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset is also expected to support Fitness Plus and include a meditation app. Moreover, Apple is reportedly making progress on noninvasive blood glucose monitoring, although achieving this technology may still be a considerable time away.

As Apple continues to enhance its health-focused offerings, the forthcoming Quartz service will further contribute to empowering individuals in managing and improving their well-being through the use of AI and personalized guidance.

By Impact Lab