Humane’s highly anticipated AI Pin, set to launch on Thursday, comes with a price tag of $699 and a $24 monthly subscription, as reported by The Verge. This square-shaped, screenless wearable device, measuring about two inches by two inches, introduces a novel approach to tech interaction, challenging traditional smartphones.

The package includes the device, charger, and two battery boosters. The monthly subscription covers a phone number, cell data, cloud storage, and unlimited access to the Pin’s AI models. Operating on T-Mobile’s network, the Pin aims to redefine how users engage with technology, offering features such as translation services, music streaming, email summaries, and AI-generated messages that mimic the user’s voice.

Developed by former Apple designers Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, nearly half of Humane’s team comprises ex-Apple employees. The AI Pin runs on OpenAI’s GPT-4, emphasizing voice control for user interaction. Humane envisions a departure from conventional smartphones, addressing concerns related to tech addiction.

The AI Pin incorporates motion sensors and a camera to observe and understand the user’s environment. Demonstrated at a TED Talk by Chaudhri, the Pin showcased its ability to analyze a Milky Bar, providing information based on the user’s preferences. Privacy features include manual activation for listening or surveillance, distinct from passive wake-word methods like Alexa’s. A “Trust Light” signals when the camera, microphone, or sensors are active.

To enhance communication, the Pin can project a green laser onto the user’s hand, though its capabilities demonstrated by Chaudhri in April were limited to basic imagery resembling a smartphone call screen. The Pin’s luxury positioning, with estimates suggesting a price point up to $1,000, aligns with its showcase at a Paris fashion show in September, featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell donning the device on her jacket.

By Impact Lab