Meet Doly, an innovative AI-powered desktop robot poised to redefine the way we engage with technology. This compact yet sophisticated companion leverages the robust Raspberry Pi platform, showcasing the impressive capabilities of open-source hardware and software. Doly is not just a gadget; it’s a dynamic entity designed to connect with you on a personal level, learning from your interactions to assist with daily tasks and serve as a valuable resource for STEM education.

Imagine a companion that not only aids you but also evolves with you. Doly is more than a mere gadget; it’s a being with a developing personality. With advanced voice recognition utilizing Natural Language Understanding, Doly can follow your spoken instructions, display a range of emotions, and customize its behavior based on your preferences. From reminding you of important events to playing your favorite tunes and keeping you updated on the weather, Doly can do it all without you lifting a finger.

For early supporters, exclusive discounts are available, starting from approximately $251 or £213, offering a substantial 30% off the fixed retail price during the ongoing Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Beyond voice commands, Doly features an 8 MP camera for face recognition and photography while prioritizing privacy by processing data on the device itself. Motion and touch sensors further enhance its sensory interaction, allowing it to react to changes in its environment and your touch, creating a realistic presence.

One of Doly’s standout features is its autonomy—it can navigate around obstacles, avoid falls, and find its charging dock independently, ensuring it’s always ready to assist you.

A STEM Goldmine

For STEM enthusiasts, Doly is a goldmine, providing an engaging exploration of robotics, artificial intelligence, and programming. Regardless of your expertise, Doly offers a tailored learning experience with its open-source design, allowing you to customize its functions and appearance. Whether 3D printing new components or modifying its software, Doly can become uniquely yours.

If the Doly campaign reaches its required pledge goal and manufacturing proceeds as planned, worldwide shipping is expected around August 2024. Doly stands out in the era of data privacy by processing personal information locally, and as an open-source project, it thrives on community input, ensuring continuous evolution through user and developer contributions.

More Than a Robot

Doly is not just a robot; it’s a dynamic entity that matures alongside you—a source of knowledge, enlightenment, and a platform that prioritizes your privacy. Whether delving into the intricacies of AI and robotics or seeking a smart desk companion, Doly offers the perfect blend of personality, interactivity, and educational value.

For a comprehensive overview of available campaign pledges, stretch goals, additional media, and detailed specs for the AI-powered robot, explore the official Doly crowdfunding campaign page through the provided link.

By Impact Lab