Prepare to redefine your outdoor adventures with the revolutionary X1 all-terrain exoskeleton, crafted by Chinese startup Dnsys. With this groundbreaking gear, you’ll transcend the limits of conventional exploration, unlocking a realm of superhuman capabilities amidst the wilderness.

Harnessing the power of motorized artificial intelligence, the X1 exoskeleton straps seamlessly to your waist and thighs, infusing your natural abilities with an extraordinary 900 watts of power. Whether you’re hiking, climbing, or running, the X1 amplifies your performance while effortlessly shouldering up to 83 pounds of gear.

Technical Triumphs of the X1 Exoskeleton:

Dnsys’ X1 stands as a pinnacle of engineering ingenuity, boasting an ultralightweight design at just 3.5 pounds – lighter than any previous models from competitors. With a power output surpassing its predecessors by 100 watts, the X1 delivers an unparalleled 18-pound increase in load support. Equipped with onboard motion sensors and AI algorithms, it dynamically adjusts to your movements in real-time, optimizing performance with each step.

Imagine embarking on a rugged hike, liberated from the burdens of heavy packs, as the X1 propels you forward with unmatched ease, reducing energy expenditure by up to 50%. Pushing the boundaries of speed and endurance, the X1 features a push-button boost mode capable of reaching speeds of 16.7 mph, challenging even the most seasoned athletes. Additionally, its resistance capabilities on descents provide invaluable knee protection and foot control, catering to a wide range of users, including those with mobility challenges.

High-Tech Construction for Ultimate Comfort:

Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber, the X1 strikes the perfect balance between strength and lightweight agility. Its chain clasp belt and thigh straps, equipped with Boa dials, ensure a secure and personalized fit, prioritizing both comfort and safety.

Pioneering a New Era of Exploration:

As Dnsys launches its Kickstarter campaign, the world eagerly anticipates the transformative potential of the X1. With models ranging from the affordable $399 Lite to the advanced $998 Carbon Plus, adventurers of all kinds can experience the thrill of superhuman exploration.


As we embark on this journey into the future of outdoor exploration, the X1 exoskeleton presents a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come. With each stride, we inch closer to a world where human and technological collaboration redefine the boundaries of exploration. Whether these exoskeletons become indispensable tools or intriguing novelties, one thing is certain – the adventure has only just begun.

By Impact Lab