A short video clip circulating on social media has sparked both amusement and concern, unveiling the inner workings of a Chinese humanoid robot factory. The video provides a fascinating glimpse into the rapid advancements in robotics technology, showcasing numerous humanoid robots at various stages of development.

Uploaded on TikTok from the manufacturing floor of Chinese robotics firm Ex Robots, the video highlights the company’s impressive progress. At the 2023 World Robot Conference, Ex Robots showcased an array of humanoid robots, surprising attendees with their hyper-realistic appearances and movements, which closely mimic human behavior.

Founded in 2009, EX Robots began developing humanoid robots in 2016. The company specializes in intelligent bionic humanoid robot research, development, manufacturing, sales, and service. In 2021, the business opened the EX Future Science and Technology Museum in Liaoning Province, the first robot museum in China. The museum integrates high-tech achievements, including bionic humanoid robots, 5G cloud robots, and interactive science and technology products.

EX Robots is known for its cutting-edge techniques such as 3D scanning, digital design, and 3D printing, which are crucial in developing lifelike skin and flexible movements for their robots. Their patented lightweight mechanical structure has led to the creation of the “world’s lightest in their category” humanoid robots, marking a significant milestone in robotics technology.

The video shared by user ‘meimei4515’ shows an expansive production facility with humanoid robots designed to mimic various service personnel employed in different industries. The presenter moves through the workshop, revealing rows of humanoid figures alongside disembodied heads on stands. These human-like robots, dressed in shirts and pants, and a tree-like structure composed of humanoid arms performing synchronized motions, provide a surreal vision of the future.

EX Robots aims to develop humanoids that communicate with people and serve the public. Currently, these robots are used in science museums, tourist spots, public service centers, hotel lobbies, educational environments, and corporate settings. As China vies for the lead in the robotics domain, developers like EX Robots are giving stiff competition to Western companies like Tesla, Boston Dynamics, Figure, and Agility.

The video serves as a glimpse into the impending influx of robotics into daily life, indicating that the future of human-robot interaction is closer than ever.

By Impact Lab