French company Seabike has developed a unique swimming device that harnesses your leg power to propel you through water at remarkable speeds. This crank-driven pusher prop, resembling an underwater unicycle, promises an exhilarating aquatic experience.

The concept behind this “underwater mobility device” is straightforward. You adjust the Seabike’s pole to the desired length and secure it to your waist with a belt. Then, you place your feet on the pedals and start cranking, using the waist strap for support. This action drives a propeller, roughly 15 inches (38 cm) in diameter, propelling you through the water with the smooth grace of a cruising dugong.

You can swim with your arms, creating a surreal effect akin to walking on an airport travelator. Alternatively, you can extend your arms Superman-style or dive fully underwater, mimicking a pedal-powered fish. The device is compatible with SCUBA gear, offering adventurous divers an exciting new way to explore underwater, though caution is advised to avoid overexertion at deep depths.

Interestingly, the propeller operates in reverse as well. By flipping the Seabike upside down, you can attach handles and use your arms to drive it, though this seems less enjoyable.

Seabike assures users that the propeller turns slowly enough for safe use in local pools, despite possibly attracting some curious or disapproving looks from fellow swimmers. The device is buoyant, making retrieval easy if it detaches.

Ideal for open water adventures, Seabike offers snorkeling tours out of Cannes and sells the device with snorkel boards and spearfishing kits. It packs down for easy storage, adding to its convenience.

Remarkably, this device is powered by your own energy – a hot dog can instantly recharge you. In an era dominated by electric gadgets, this mechanical and straightforward invention is a refreshing change.

Seabike has been manufacturing these devices for over a year, with prices starting at €290 (US$310). While it hasn’t gained widespread attention yet, its simplicity and fun factor suggest it’s only a matter of time before it catches on.

For those who find traditional swimming techniques cumbersome, the Seabike offers a compelling alternative. With claims of outpacing swimmers with fins, this device is certainly worth a try for anyone looking to enhance their swimming experience. Sign me up – I can’t wait to give it a go!

By Impact Lab