Chinese eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle manufacturer EHang successfully conducted its first passenger demonstration flight in Abu Dhabi. The EH216-S pilotless vehicle launched from the Emirates Falcons Aviation Club with Mohamed Al Dhaheri, a board member of Multi Level Group (MLG) and EHang strategic partner, as the sole passenger.

This milestone passenger flight followed earlier demonstrations of the electric aerial vehicle (EAV) without passengers at the DriftX mobility expo in Abu Dhabi. Huazhi Hu, founder, CEO, and chairman of EHang, emphasized the significance of this event: “After securing approval for passenger-carrying demo flights and conducting the debut flight, we will actively foster collaboration and communication between the GCAA and the Civil Aviation Administration of China to expedite the progress towards commercial flights of our pilotless aircraft in the UAE. This will become a milestone in the advancement of Abu Dhabi and the global air mobility sector.”

EHang has joined the Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industries Cluster in Abu Dhabi and formed a partnership with Wings Logistics Hub, a passenger eVTOL subsidiary of Technology Holding Company. Additionally, EHang is collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) to advance EAV development in the UAE.

Recently, EHang signed a deal with Greater Bay Technology (GBT) to co-develop ultra-fast battery charging systems for flying vehicles. This collaboration aims to create the world’s first Ultra-Fast Charging (UFC) system for EHang’s EAVs, promising charging times of under 10 minutes from 30% to 80%.

EHang recently received governmental approval to mass produce its EH216-S EAV, with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) granting a Production Certificate (PC). This certification follows the earlier receipt of a standard airworthiness certificate (AC) from the CAAC, marking the first such certification globally for an EAV. The approval covers all production steps, including raw materials, supplier management, production organization, quality control, pre-delivery testing, and after-sales service.

EHang has been showcasing its EAV technology worldwide. In Costa Rica, the company conducted a demonstration flight at the Reserva Conchal Resort in front of national authorities and media to promote advanced air mobility (AAM) in Latin America. In China, EHang demonstrated a synchronized flight of 12 EAVs, capturing the event in a video showing the vehicles taking off together from an airfield in Hefei on a snowy day.

With these advancements and strategic partnerships, EHang is positioning itself at the forefront of the global eVTOL and advanced air mobility market, aiming to revolutionize transportation and logistics.

By Impact Lab