Time Running Out For Many Bird Species in Turkey

White-headed-Duck 34533

The White-Headed Duck is among many threatened fowl.

Dozens of starlings in the Karacabey district of Turkey’s Bursa province were among the victims of a recent spate of mass animal deaths around the world that initially provoked much international alarm. But though scientists have emphasized such incidents are not a sign of broader dangers, plenty of real threats face many of the hundreds of bird species in Turkey…

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When Will the Food Bubble Burst?


What will happen to food in the future?

Our early 21st century civilization is in trouble. We need not go beyond the world food economy to see this. Over the last few decades we have created a food production bubble—one based on environmental trends that cannot be sustained, including overpumping aquifers, overplowing land, and overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide.

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UK Abolishes Mandatory Retirement at 65


British employees will not be forced to retire at 65.

British employers will no longer be allowed to force people to retire at 65 years old, unless they can justify the dismissal, the government said Thursday in a bid to lessen pension payouts as Britons live for longer.The move was welcomed by nonprofit organizations campaigning against age discrimination. Others, however, complained that the move will make it expensive for employers to continue to provide benefits such as health or life insurance to employees over 65.


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Obama Adminstration Eyeing National Internet ID for All Americans

internet id

The Obama administration is currently drafting what it’s calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.

President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said.


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Invisible Tanks Could Be On Battlefield Within Five Years


Unlike conventional forms of camouflage, the images on the hull would change in concert with
the changing environment always insuring that the vehicle remains disguised

Armoured vehicles will use a new technology known as “e-camouflage” which deploys a form “electronic ink” to render a vehicle “invisible”.

Highly sophisticated electronic sensors attached to the tank’s hull will project images of the surrounding environment back onto the outside of the vehicle enabling it to merge into the landscape and evade attack.

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Twitter Subpoenaed by U.S. Government for Wikileaks Accounts

twitter-wikileaks 345

The U.S. government takes action on Twitter

The U.S. government has asked Twitter to hand over private messages sent to and from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and other WikiLeaks staffers.

In all likelihood, it’s also contacting other web services Assange may have used to get contact details and personal information about Assage’s activities and supporters.

According to a report just filed by The New York TimesTwitterTwitterhas been subpoenaed by the U.S. government in connection to the ongoing WikiLeaksWikileaks investigation…

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UK Scientist Suggests Rebranding GM Crops As “Vaccinated”


Does ‘Vaccinated’ sound better than genetically raped?

The latest face-palm absurdity concerning genetically modified crops: One of the UK’s top agricultural scientists has floated the idea that GM crops should be rebranded as “vaccinated” or “inoculated” so that the public would embrace them more willingly…

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China Declares Skype Illegal


No more Skyping in China

After having already banned Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the Chinese government has now decided to outlaw Skype, as well. The move, announced in the People’s Daily, means that all Internet phone services will now be considered illegal within the country, except for those offered by two state-operated telecom companies — China Unicom and China Telecom…

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