2013 blew apart our notions of privacy

2013 changed everything by demonstrating the extent and power of state — and commercial — surveillance.

2013 was an extraordinary year for those of us who are interested in privacy and data protection. What was previously seen as the domain of paranoid nitpickers has exploded into the public consciousness, shaking international ties and making many people re-evaluate how they live their lives online.



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Top 20 tech trends for 2013


It’s almost the end of 2012.  Instead of looking back at the significant tech trends of 2012 we are going to look ahead to the near future, 2013.  Being in the near future, these technologies are highly feasible.  You will be hearing a lot more about these trends within the next 10 months and could possibly be experiencing them in some for or another.

Here’s the second annual list of Tech Trend predictions for the coming year.



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