Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color Takes on Amazon’s Kindle


Which e-reader will come out on top?

In December 2009, brick-and-mortar book-selling powerhouse Barnes & Noble got into the e-reader game, two years after’s Kindle jump-started the category. Its Nook had some distinguishing characteristics: you navigated the interface using a tiny color touchscreen that sat under its black-and-white E Ink display, for instance, and could loan out e-books to Nook-owning pals. Mostly, though, the gizmo felt like a twist on the Kindle formula, not a departure from it — and while it may have been fancier, it was also pokier and glitchier.


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Next Generation Cell Networks Could Improve Service For Old and New Smartphones


The Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot lets multiple Wi-Fi devices share a connection to Sprint’s 4G network.

As cell phones take on more and more features, wireless carriers are struggling to keep up with data demands.

Whether wireless customers are watching videos on YouTube or uploading puppy pictures to Facebook, they want reliable speed. Upgrading the network is essential to meeting the needs of these customers, and each wireless carrier has its own plan of attack. Some are upgrading their existing third generation (3G) networks with better software before moving on to next generation networks. Others already have fourth generation (4G) networks up and running. In addition to transmitting high-definition video, these networks could alleviate traffic problems on existing networks, making service better for everyone–even folks who don’t plan on buying a new 4G-enabled device.


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Barnes & Noble’s Powerful Multi-Touch Hybrid eReader


Barnes & Noble e-Reader

Take a Kindle, and put a multitouch screen where the keyboard and navigation buttons go, and you’ve got the Barnes & Noble e-reader.  We’re still a week away from Barnes & Noble’s big e-reader announcement, but we’ve know they’ve had something cooking for a while now. And today, our pals at Gizmodo hit the mother load: leaked shots of a forthcoming dual-screen device that is three-quarters e-ink and one-quarter (wait for it) color multitouch.


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iPhones Overload AT&T, Angering Customers


AT&T monitors its network from its operations center

Slim and sleek as it is, the iPhone is really the Hummer of cellphones.

It’s a data guzzler. Owners use them like minicomputers, which they are, and use them a lot. Not only do iPhone owners download applications, stream music and videos and browse the Web at higher rates than the average smartphone user, but the average iPhone owner can also use 10 times the network capacity used by the average smartphone user.


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Top 5 Tech Toys Of 2009 And 5 More On The Way

Top 5 Tech Toys Of 2009 And 5 More On The Way 

2008 was a good year for gadgets, and we’re hoping that ’09 will be just as impressive. We’re only a month in so far, but Palm, Dell, Sony and even Amazon have all dropped hints about what the companies have in store. We’ve collected the five big announcements that have us drooling, as well as five more that we’d like to see happen before 2010.

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Faster Wireless to Compete with Speed of Fiber

Faster Wireless to Compete with Speed of Fiber

 Researchers at Battelle used off-the-shelf optical telecommunication
components to create a faster millimeter-wave device.

There’s no shortage of demand for faster wireless, but today’s fastest technologies–Wi-Fi, 3G cellular networks, and even the upcoming WiMax–max out at tens or hundreds of megabits per second. So far, no commercial wireless system can beat the raw speed of optical fiber, which can carry tens of gigabits per second.

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