Autonomous taxis will become a $2 trillion market, UBS says


The global autonomous taxi market could be worth over $2 trillion on an annual basis by 2030, according to estimates from UBS analysts cited by Bloomberg.

In formulating its estimates, the bank utilized its Evidence Lab to run a simulation of an autonomous taxi fleet in New York City using a “complex algorithm that performs dynamic optimal route generation and passenger-vehicle assignment considering vehicle capacity and rider demand.”

What does this mean: The rise of a new multi-trillion dollar transportation industry will likely reshape how consumers travel and automakers operate.

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Pandora Internet Radio Hits 60 Million Subscribers


Pandora Internet Radio has just announced that their site now has 60 million users registered to listen to their personalized online radio service. Pandora started back in 2000 and offers thousands of songs to users with a collection of 90,000 artists, of which 80% are played each month. That’s a ton of music!

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