Kids who love video games have brains like gambling addicts


Can heavy gaming be considered an addiction?

Some children’s brains could be hard-wired to spend hours playing video games, according to a study which reignites the debate over whether the habit should be considered an addiction. Researchers found that children who spent an excessive amount of time playing the games had an enlarged area of the brain which is the main hub of the reward system.


Addiction is the same whether it’s drugs or food: Study

addicted to chocolate

Foods high in sugar and fat have a similar effect on the brain as alcohol and other drugs of abuse.

Do you think you’re addicted to chocolate?   It’s unlikely you cut yourself off from your friends because you’re too embarrassed to scarf down Hershey bar after Hershey bar in front of them.


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Addictive internet use rewires the brain: study


Researchers discovered several small regions in online addicts’ brains shrunk.

There are more internet and gaming addicts in China than in any other country. China  also conducts more research on the issue than anyone. Chinese researchers think that excessive gaming and internet use can permanently alter brain function, according to a new study.


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Teens Deprived of Media Gadgets Experience Withdrawal Comparable to Drug Addicts Going Cold Turkey

teen on internet

Teenagers report overwhelming cravings when deprived of their laptops and cell phones.

Researchers found 79 per cent of students subjected to a complete media blackout for just one day reported adverse reactions ranging from distress to confusion and isolation.


Up to 35% of Wounded Soldiers in Warrior Units are Addicted to Drugs


25% to 35% of wounded soldiers are addicted to drugs.

Medical officials estimate that 25% to 35% of about 10,000 ailing soldiers assigned to special wounded-care companies or battalions are addicted or dependent on drugs — particularly prescription narcotic pain relievers, according to an Army inspector general’s report made public Tuesday.


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Alcohol’s Benefits to Heart Health

In excess: not so beneficial, but a fun time indeed.

Many studies support the assertion that moderate drinking is beneficial when it comes to cardiovascular health, and for the first time scientists have discovered that a well-known molecule, called Notch, may be behind alcohol’s protective effects. Down the road, this finding could help scientists create a new treatment for heart disease that mimics the beneficial influence of modest alcohol consumption.

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Shocking Video of Smoking Toddler Shows a Disturbing Trend in Indonesia

 smoking toddler 4

The smoking toddler video is sparking outrage on the web. When the clip of 2-year-old Sumatran Ardi Rizal puffing away surfaced on YouTube Wednesday, it spread to online social media like, well, fire.  (Pics and Video)


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Are Videos Games an Art Form?

The question of whether video games can be considered an art form is raging across the internet. Game designer Kellee Santiago asserted in a TED talk that they can be. Film critic Roger Ebert responded that video games are not and can never be art. Gamers and art critics immediately joined in the fray. Here, Neatorama author John Farrier comes down on the side of video games as art and explains in detail…