Pour a shot of Tequila-in your gas tank


Agave can be a fuel?

It fuels your party, your buzz and your hangover the next day, but believe it or not tequila may soon be fueling your car. That’s because the agave plant extract used to make liquor can also be used to make an ethanol like alcohol which can serve as vehicle fuel, won’t interfere with food crops, and can even be grown in the desert…

Someday, our cars may hit the bottle more often than we do, but at least it won’t be hitting our wallets very hard.


Image via Wikimedia Commons


Spirited BioFuel: Getting Tanked With Tequila


Powerful Plants

Remember the Australian farmers who are growing their own oil with the Brazilian diesel trees? Now comes the story of another enterprising Aussie, who is also seeking his fuel salvation, via a different South American plant. This time it is the succulent from which Tequila is derived – Agave.

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