Air pollution can lead to brain damage and depression

air pollution

The negative effects of air pollution may have some unexpected consequences.

The effects of air pollution on the human body has turned up a grim laundry-list of associated ills in study after study.  Air pollution increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and lung disease.  And now, according to the latest research, it may actually be doing harm to our brains as well, ultimately leading to learning problems and even depression.

Cancer Officially the Number One Cause of Death in China


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in China.

China is starting to see the costs of its rapid march towards industrialization.  Air pollution from heavy industry, coal-fired power plants, and numerous factories have saturated the air and now cancer has officially become the number one cause of death.  Almost 25% of deaths in China are now attributed to cancer. The Earth Policy Institute gleaned as much from China’s own Ministry of Health — and tragically but unsurprisingly, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in China.

The United States of Shame


Your state has problems. Really it does.

Jeff Wysaski of Pleated Jeans wrote “Whether it’s a fat population, high rate of STDs or excessive tax rate, it turns out that every state ranks dead last in at least one unsavory category.” So he compiled a most unusual “worst of” list, featuring your favorite home state (Oh, poor, poor North Dakotans!)

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