Passing the Fortune Cookie Test


Futurist Thomas Frey: Yesterday my wife Deb and I had lunch at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, and afterwards we’re given the typical fortune cookies that come with the bill. Jokingly I broke open the first one and asked, “I wonder if it’d be possible to create a real fortune sometime in the future and put it into these cookies?”



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Anticipatory Computing: Unlocking the Ultra-Human in All of Us


Futurist Thomas Frey: Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn on your television and it instantly knew what show you wanted to watch?

We all dream of an easier life, so what if we got into our car and it knew where we wanted to go, or turned on a radio and it played the perfect music, or pressed “call” on our phone and we would instantly be connected to the person we most wanted to talk to.



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MindMeld app: First voice and video calling app that understands conversations in real-time


The serial entrepreneur, Tim Tuttle,  who co-founded web acceleration technology company Bang Networks and video search engine Truveo (acquired by AOL), has returned with his third startup, Expect Labs, which he co-founded with Moninder Jheeta (who built infrastructure for Truveo.) Expect Labs has announced its first product, an iPad app for simplified group conferencing called MindMeld that is built upon Expect’s core technology concept — anticipatory computing. Even as a demo, it is an impressive piece of technology that shows where the future of computing is headed. (video)



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