What impact do TED talks have on the audience?

ted talks

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) talks are a huge business and have had over a billion views. There are two main TED conferences a year – the TED conference and the TEDGlobal, are two main TED conferences done each year and there are a large number of satellite conferences (TEDx) all over the world. A quick Google Scholar search shows TED talks even receive scholarly citations. Sugimoto, Thelwall, Larivière, Tsou, Mongeon and Macaluso (2013) published an article in PLOS ONE discussing the scientific impact of TED talks. They looked into the characteristics of academic presenters, the relationship between these characteristics and video popularity, and the impact a TED talk has on the presenter’s citation impact.



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Successful public speaking in the 21st century

A great public speaker is authentically present and ready to connect with their audience.

Speakers are so last century when they stand behind a podium glued to the floor, reading from slides and addressing a less than enthusiastic audience.  It’s 2013, and successful speakers need to be aware that audiences have changed.  They are better informed, crave connection and expect to be actively engaged in the “conversation.”



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Top 4 event trends you need to know about

The world of events and in-person marketing is evolving. 

Audiences today expect more than education and entertainment; they expect participation at an event. Today’s top events take advantage of technology as a platform for audience engagement. Having produced and attended a number of customer conferences and trade shows this year, I’ve noticed some very clear trends in how technology is blurring the gap between the presenters and attendees. Here are some examples.



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It’s the Comedian, Not the Joke, That Makes People Laugh


‘It’s the way I tell ’em’

Do you ever wonder why repeating a famous joke never gets the same laughs? It is not how you tell them but who tells them that matters, a study has shown.  Researchers have found that how funny people perceive a gag to be depends on the person who is telling it, not the quality of the material.

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