Why do doctors choose a $2,000 eye drug when an effective $50 alternative is available?

There are two eye drugs that have been declared equivalently miraculous. Tested side by side in six major trials, both prevent blindness in a common old-age affliction. Biologically, they are cousins. They’re even made by the same company.



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Counterfeit drugs becoming big business around the world

counterfeit drugs

American authorities are afraid more counterfeits will find their way into this country, putting patients’ lives at risk.

New fears are raised that the multibillion-dollar drug-counterfeiting trade is increasingly making inroads in the U.S. after the discovery that a fake version of the widely used cancer medicine Avastin is circulating in the United State.s

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FDA May Revoke Approval of Avastin for Breast Cancer Marking the Start of ‘Death Panel’ Drug Rationing


US regulators will delay consideration of the colon-cancer drug Avastin as a treatment for breast. cancer

America’s health watchdog is considering revoking its approval of the drug Avastin for use on women with advanced breast cancer, leading to accusations that it will mark the start of ‘death panel’ drug rationing.  A decision to rescind endorsement of the drug would reignite the highly charged debate over US health care reform and how much the state should spend on new and expensive treatments.