Robot masters human balancing act


Mercury, a biped robot developed in Cockrell School of Engineering professor Luis Sentis’ Human Centered Robotics Lab, is able to maintain balance when hit unexpectedly or when force is applied without warning.

AUSTIN, Texas — When walking in a crowded place, humans typically aren’t thinking about how we avoid bumping into one another. We are built to use a gamut of complex skill sets required to execute these types of seemingly simple motions.

Now, thanks to researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, robots may soon be able to experience similar functionality. Luis Sentis, associate professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, and his team in the Human Centered Robotics Laboratory have successfully demonstrated a novel approach to human-like balance in a biped robot.

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Cubli: A cube that can jump, balance itself, and walk


The Cubli is a 15 × 15 × 15 centimeter cube that can jump up and balance on its corner. Reaction wheels mounted on three faces of the cube rotate at high angular velocities and then brake suddenly, causing the Cubli to jump up.

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How did the work-life balance get so awful in America?

The most important reason why we rank so poorly is the increase in single mothers who face an extraordinary burden relative to their overseas counterparts.

If you listen to the leaders in the United States this is the greatest country in the history of everything.  But, if you read international surveys the U.S. is a disgrace among developed countries. The health care system is famously expensive and inaccessible. The education system is broken. And the income inequality, it’s just famous.




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COMAN – a robot that can’t be knocked over no matter how hard you shove it


Mimicking the many distinct balancing adjustments standing humans make when unexpectedly shoved, or while encountering shifting terrain (such as on a boat or moving train) is a skill that most robots haven’t mastered. Nevertheless, one lab in Italy has created a humanoid robot that comes very close to matching our skill at avoiding taking a spill. (Video)



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When it Comes to Riding a Bike There is Nothing More Complicated


It takes a mathematical formula to explain the motion of a bicycle.

We are told there’s nothing easier than riding a bike. The reality is when it comes to staying upright, there is nothing more complicated. The mathematical formula which explains the motion of a bicycle looks like it could be used to split the atom and took scientists from three different countries years to devise.


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Medical Breakthrough as Scientists Create Tiny Ear Hairs From Stem Cells to Cure Deafness


Scientists perfected turning stem cells into the delicate hairs found in the inner ear.

A cure for deafness could be on the horizon after scientists created specialised ear cells in the lab. Grown in their thousands, the delicate hairs could one day be transplanted into the inner ear, restoring hearing to millions.


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Monocycle – First Self-Balancing Bike in the World



Riding a bicycle is a matter of pure balance. However, get your protective gear on if you are taking on a single wheeled bike. Keeping the first aid box handy would be a good idea too! However, designer Harald Palma’s revolutionary bike design might make riding a monocycle easier and safer. Claimed as the first ever self balancing cycle in the world, the Monocycle also features advanced devices, including accelerometers and gyroscopes. Blending machine and human balancing together, the cycle is fully controlled by the body balance of the rider. While the rider leans forward, it gives momentum to the bike, whereas, putting the body weight backward slows down and stops the bike.


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Use Prepaid Gift Cards at Other Stores and Locations

gift card 12321
Get the moola you deserve from your gift cards!

Step one is easy. Take all your gift cards out of your wallet, and make it your mission to find the remaining balances on each card. You can normally do this by either checking online, or by calling a toll-free number located on the back. By noting the amount left on the card, you’re already aware of what you can and can’t use it with.

Some stores let you use multiple methods of payment, meaning that if it’s a place you regularly shop at, you can use the gift card to simply subsidize your normal purchase. Think of it as a glorified coupon…

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Inmates In India Take Yoga To Reduce Their Jail Sentences

yoga 53421
Yoga Heals The Mind and Frees The Body
Prisoners in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are being freed early if they complete yoga courses.

For every three months spent practising posture, balance and breathing the inmates can cut their jail time by 15 days.

The authorities say the lessons help to improve the prisoners’ self-control and reduce aggression.


In Early Tests, $99 Wii Balance Board Outperforms $17,885 Medical Rig

wiimedical 4132
We love Wii!
Another day, another story about some cheap, plastic Wii motion control accessory finding an application outside of gaming. In this case, it’s the balance board, and not only is this device helping stroke victims recover, it’s saving them money, too.In fact, doctors at the University of Melbourne found that the balance board, normally used for pseudo Yoga or navigating Mii’s down a virtual ski slope, was so sensitive it could very well replace traditional laboratory-grade “force platforms” doctors use to assess a patient’s balance.

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