What does your fridge say about you?

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Messages from the fridge…

Photographer Mark Menjivar traveled the states for 3 years for his “You Are What You Eat” project, meeting people and documenting their lives from a surprisingly interesting viewpoint -their refrigerators. Could you tell the picture above belonged to a bartender who goes to sleep at 8 AM and wakes up a 4 PM every day?

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Multi-Touch Surface PC Table



For it’s latest trick, Microsoft’s engineers have given the multi-touch Surface PC table a bartender’s sixth sense. If you set your drink down on top of it, the Surface will be able to detect just how full it is. At least, if it’s in a special glass.

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The Cocktail Lab

The Cocktail Lab

 The drinks of tomorrow will be packed with a secret ingredient – fun!

Xavier Herit stands before his customers holding a syringe mid-air. But he is not a doctor and it doesn’t contain any medication.

The syringe is filled with strawberry-infused Cointreau and sodium alginate and is part of an arsenal of tools that are pushing Herit’s cocktails to drinking’s cutting edge.

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