Sorry, scooters aren’t so climate-friendly after all


A look at the full lifetime emissions of the vehicles call into question the ecological assumptions around “micromobility.”

Bird boasts that its dockless electric scooters allow customers to “cruise past traffic and cut back on CO2 emissions—one ride at a time.”

Its rival Lime claims the vehicles “reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.”

But the mere fact that battery-powered scooters don’t belch pollution out of a tailpipe doesn’t mean they’re “emissions free,” or as “eco-friendly” as some have assumed. The actual climate impact of the vehicles depends heavily on how they’re made, what they’re replacing, and how long they last.

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Bird is the fastest startup ever to reach a $1 billion valuation


Electric scooter startup Bird is the fastest company to reach a valuation of $1 billion.

Bird, one of many scooter startups currently sweeping the US, was last valued at $400 million after closing $100 million in series B funding in early March. In late May, Bird was reported to be raising $150 million in series C funding led by Sequoia Capital, at a $1 billion valuation.

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Japanese Scientists Create Mouse that Tweets Like a Bird


Japanese scientists have produced a genetically-engineered mouse that tweets like a bird, it was revealed today.  A team of researchers at the University of Osaka are breeding genetically modified mice that are prone to miscopying DNA and are more likely to develop mutations.


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Bird Thought Extinct in 1940’s Found Nesting on U.S. Soil


Short-tailed Albatross

In the middle of the last century, things weren’t looking good for the majestic Short-tailed Albatross. From a hardy population estimated to be in the millions just decades earlier, the bird’s numbers underwent a dramatic decline from over-hunting — nearly disappearing from the face of the Earth entirely by the late 1940s. But, while many conservationists believed them to have been made extinct, the few remaining Albatross were plotting their eventual comeback — and now, for the first time, they’ve been spotted nesting on U.S. soil.


How the Most Symbolic American Bird Got the Name ‘Turkey’



For a species of bird found only in the forests of North America and so symbolic of a U.S. holiday, the humble turkey sure has an oddly Eurasian name — but have you ever stopped to consider why? Well, it turns out that the origins of how this jowly bird arrived at its strikingly Turkish title reflect the history of its international popularity. The misnomer, as you well know, has yet to be corrected — making turkeys one of the most curiously named birds on the planet.


How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Bird Refuge

bird 111

 Tweet, tweet, tweet

If you’d like to see more wildlife of the feathered kind in your backyard but had written off attracting birds as too time-consuming, expensive, or complicated, this simple guide will help you get started without much fuss or cost.

You don’t need to spend lots of money, effort, and time to attract birds to your yard, as a bird can hardly tell the difference between $5 DIY bird feeder and a $75 sculpted copper one. This guide will help you get started quickly and inexpensively, and you can decide later if you want to open a bird hotel with heated baths and a rotating buffet of handmade treats…

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Amazing Animal Photography – The Art of the Animal

The Chase 022

Defining moments in the life of animals

Animals bring a rare form of beauty to the world around us. Their lives exist like ours, with seemingly endless tedium followed by brief moments of something spectacular. The following are a series of photos that do a terrific job of capturing the spectacular moments. Some are downright breathtaking. (Pics)

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Meet Oscar the Naked Cockatoo


Birds of a feather flock together, which may explain why Oscar flies solo.

The plucky — and plucked — cockatoo beat the odds to survive a beak and feather disease. She was only given six months to live. That was 13 years ago…

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Bird Drops Bread, Shuts Down The Large Hadron Collider


The Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, just cannot catch a break. First, a coolant leak destroyed some of the magnets that guide the energy beam. Then LHC officials postponed the restart of the machine to add additional safety features. Now, a bird dropping a piece of bread on a section of the accelerator has, according to the Register, shut down the whole operation.


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