Top 5 tech products that will be dead in 5 years

The entire demise of Blu-rays and DVDs are due to one company.

Innovation in the tech industry is moving fast.  We can’t know all of the different technologies that will fill our lives in five years. We can however, predict what tech products won’t last. It’s clear the technology landscape will look dramatically different in the near future.



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How to cram 1,000 terabytes onto a single DVD

Researchers have developed a technique using nanotechnology to increase the data storage capacity of a DVD from a measly 4.7GB to 1,000TB.

The 4.7 GB DVDs have slowly started to fade into obscurity thanks to Blu-ray.  But is it going to make a comeback? Three Chinese scientists have discovered a breakthrough process that could, at least in theory, allow a DVD to store a whopping 1,000 TB—or a full petabyte—of data. Suck on that, Blu-ray.

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