Instagram photos that are mostly blue get more likes: Study

When Curalate, a visual analytics platform, set out to quantify the impact that different image qualities have on Instagram, it discovered that photos with blue as the main color got the most likes. Reds and oranges on the other hand tended to receive 24 percent less likes than blue-tinted shots. (Infographic)



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Dutch Duo Turns Rio Slum into Rainbow of Color


Will extreme color overpower extreme poverty?

It’s no surprise that Brazil’s favelas, or slums, can be bleak places to live. In one neighborhood, a sign on a wall ridden with bullet holes reads, ‘Attention neighbors. In days of war, avoid leaving the house. Thank you, Comando Vermelho.’ But two Dutch artists are hoping to give neighborhood residents something to smile about. The duo, along with a huge team of trained locals, has turned several slums into massive canvases covered in every color of the rainbow…

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Overzealous Lawmakers Want To Ban Eyeball Tattoos


Will eyeball tattoos really every become trendy?

A new form of body art has uppity Oklahoma lawmakers working to ban the practice before it moves to the state. It’s called eyeball tattooing. Even tattoo shops across the metro don’t know what would propel someone to do something like this, and they say it’s unneeded legislation. Lawmakers argue that it’s a public health issue.

Tattooing, it’s a form of body art that’s been around for centuries. But it’s only been legal in Oklahoma for a couple years. It could soon be illegal for people to tattoo the white part of the eye known as the sclera.
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NightWave: Sleep Assistant

NightWave:  Sleep Assistant 

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re stressed about something, and are unable to get into a relaxed state. But there are many solutions on the market designed to help you calmly drift off when you climb into bed, and the NightWave is one of them. Instead of sounds, medication or a novelty sized club to the head, the NightWave uses a soft blue light that’s just barely visible in a darkened bedroom. The luminance of the light rises and falls, and the idea is that you’re supposed to lay in bed with your eyes open and synchronize your breathing with the light. Over time the rising and falling will become slower and slower, which is supposed to relax your body to the point where you’ll drift off to sleep.

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Wearable Hummingbird Feeder


The feeder is based on a Professional Grade Fully Adjustable Full Face Face Shield. These cost $20, are built sturdily with an excellent Hi-Impact and very clear face shield. But they only come in blue. We put several coats of red Krylon on the head piece after we drill some holes for attaching the upper holder for the miniaturized feeding tube.

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Eye Tattoos

Eye Tattoo

If you think tattoos are so over, you’ve got another think coming. The latest in permanent ink? Tats on your eyeball. That’s right – a sharp stick in the eye.

When doctors do it, it’s called corneal tattooing; but when perfectly healthy folks looking for new horizons in tattooing, piercing, scarring, etc., do it, it’s nuts.

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