What you need to know about what’s inside those breasts


Breasts are getting bigger and arriving earlier. They’re also attracting chemicals and environmental toxins, which are getting passed along in breast milk.

Writer Florence Williams read a research study about toxins found in human breast milk when she was nursing her second child. After reading the study she decided to test her own breast milk and shipped a sample to a lab in Germany.

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Welcome to South Korea’s Artificial Limb District


Limbs, limbs, everywhere!

Unlike the red-light district in Amsterdam, which caters to men and women in search of sex, the Artificial Limb District of South Korea caters to men, women, and children in need of arms, legs, feet, toes, fingers, eyes, breasts, and more.

Reporter Harmon Leon from the Smoking Jacket recently stumbled upon an entire section of Seoul dedicated to the sale of handcrafted artificial limbs. Dubbed the Artificial Limb District, this unusual neighborhood hosts nine such shops, each stocked with piles and piles of limbs.

What makes this so fascinating is that, for one, these limbs have been handcrafted…

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Peruvian Woman Trapped In Bed For 6 Months By Jumbo Breasts


Yes, you read that right. A 29-year old Peruvian woman’s breasts grew to the size of an N cup after giving birth to her third child. Julia Manihuari’s breasts were so heavy that she would actually faint if she tried to get up:

The pint-sized farmer’s wife, who lives in northern Peru, was finally helped when local media paid for her to take a three-day boat trip to the nearest town for medical help…

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Stem Cell Therapy To Grow Bigger Breasts

Stem Cell Therapy To Grow Bigger Breasts

“You won’t believe it, until you see it” 

A STEM cell therapy offering “natural” breast enlargement is to be made available to British women for the first time.

The treatment could boost cup size while reducing stomach fat. It involves extracting stem cells from spare fat on the stomach or thighs and growing them in a woman’s breasts. An increase of one cup size is likely, with the potential for larger gains as the technique improves.

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Perfect Breasts Just an Injection Away

Perfect Breasts Just an Injection Away

Want to look like Jennifer Aniston? Always hiding behind push-up bras, but afraid of going under the knife? Imagine if all it took to obtain a cleavage as ample as that of those Victoria’s Secret model was an injection.

Well, the ‘boob job in an injection’ is now a reality, thanks to a new body-contouring treatment.

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