Instant skin graft spray gun offers new treatment for burn victims

skin gun 4

Revolutionary development: The stem cell spray gun treats burns in 1.5 hours.

Doctor Jörg Gerlach, of the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine has created a prototype medical device that literally sprays skin cells onto burn victims to re-grow skin.



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Amazing Skin Gun Heals Severe Burns in Days


Scientists in the US have developed a new technique that sprays a burn patient’s own cells on the burn to help regenerate the skin and drastically reduce recovery time. The gun has been under development since 2008 and has now been used to successfully treat more than a dozen patients.


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‘Toasted Skin Syndrome’ Caused by Laptops

toasted skin syndrome

A 12-year-old boy shows off the ‘toasted skin’ on his leg after using a laptop for several hours a day.

Balancing your laptop on your knees could be bad for your skin, doctors have warned.  The heat generated by the ubiquitous devices can cause ‘toasted skin syndrome’ – a nettle sting-like rash that can cause permanent discoloration and, in rare cases, cancer.


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Spraying on Skin Cells – New Technique in Burn Treatment


The ReCell kit, hardly bigger than a designer sunglasses case, houses a miniature lab for harvesting skin basal cells.

Traditionally, treatment for severe second-degree burns consists of adding insult to injury: cutting a swath of skin from another site on the same patient in order to graft it over the burn. The process works, but causes more pain for the burn victim and doubles the area in need of healing. Now a relatively new technology has the potential to heal burns in a way that’s much less invasive than skin grafts. With just a small skin biopsy and a ready-made kit, surgeons can create a suspension of the skin’s basal cells–the stem cells of the epidermis–and spray the solution directly onto the burn with results comparable to those from skin grafts.


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Kitchen On Wheels

Kitchen On Wheels 

Computer freaks and couch-potatoes belong to that bunch of folks who have their eyes glued to the screens and nothing in this world can budge them. Not to mention workaholics, who use their desks as dining tables. Nojoe Park probably addressed this niche and didn’t want these guys to die hungry. He unveiled his design of the Kitchen Drawer at the Electrolux Design Contest. The concept appliance packs the 4 essentials of a kitchen like a stainless plate to take care of preparing and warming of your meals, an electric stove, a dish drawer and a mini-fridge. The design banks on the concept of saving energy and has different heating levels that can be adjusted to cater your pot size.

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