Urbee – World’s first 3D printed car ready for production

The Urbee – a 3D printed car.

This is 2013, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that someone was using 3D printers to make a car.  In this case, the car is the Urbee, a tiny three=wheeled economy car with an electric motor, internal combustion engine, and a 3D printed frame.




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The P45 – world’s tiniest car makes the driver look like a LEGO astronaut


Jeremy Clarkson, host of the BBC show Top Gear, unveils the world’s tiniest car, the P45, which he apparently designed himself. A takeoff on the Peel P50, the P45 has the drive train of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, but all the turn signals, lights, and license plates needed to make it street-legal in the United Kingdom. With a helmet for a roof, a visor for a windshield, and no side doors, the contraption calls to mind a Cozy Coupe crossed with a LEGO spaceman, and turns out to be only slightly more roadworthy.


NTSA wants black boxes in cars in 2014

The black boxes will be able to record all sorts of information about a vehicle.

The National Transportation Safety Agency is proposing that all new automobiles sold in the US after September of 2014 will be required to be equipped with event data recorders. The recorders are somewhat like the black boxes that are found inside aircraft.



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The future of Google’s self-driving car and morality

Google’s driverless car

California, Florida, and Nevada have made Google’s driverless cars street-legal and some day similar devices may not just be possible but mandatory.   Some day automated vehicles will be able to drive better, and more safely than you can; no drinking, no distraction, better reflexes, and better awareness (via networking) of other vehicles.  Within twenty to thirty years the difference between automated driving and human driving will be so great you may not be legally allowed to drive your own car, and even if you are allowed, it would be immoral of you to drive, because the risk of you hurting yourself or another person will be far greater than if you allowed a machine to do the work.



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Google’s self-driving cars have driven 300,000 without a single accident


Self-driving cars have been a vision of the future for decades. However, they may finally be getting closer.

Google’s self-driving cars have now clocked up 300,000 miles without a single accident.


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Car seat sensors ID drivers by their rear ends


Pressure-sensing seat

Hilarity quickly ensues when Larry David calls out “I’d know that tush anywhere!” When your car says it – or at least, thinks it – the result is the engine starting and personal comfort preferences like climate control and seat positioning being remembered and activated, hands free. It’s still sort of hilarious, of course, but you can’t deny the security or the practicality inherent in the concept.

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