Granny designs carrying solution for iPad

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The Kickstarter video that helped kick things off.

The Original Leather Handle for iPad was created on a whim, first out of a file folder and later out of leather.

Inventor Cate Vincent, one of the exhibitors at the 2012 DaVinci Inventor Showcase, is no stranger to the inventor realm. In fact, this is her 15th startup! Innovation and creativity course through her veins on every level. Recently she took some time to answer a few questions about how a granny could create a solution for an iPad, the dilemma of naming her product and how Apple actually created her product market for her…

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How to Win Your Wife’s Weight in Beer

How to Win Your Wife’s Weight in Beer - Wife Carrying World Championships

 A skinny wife will yield more speed, but less beer

Every year, the small Finnish town of Sonkajärvi hosts the Wife Carrying World Championships. All men have to do is sprint around an obstacle course while carrying their wives. And the women? They have to hold on tight — which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Video and more pics after the jump.

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