The best- and worst-paid jobs in America


Anesthesiologists top surgeons in the health care field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has tracked the average wage of 820 occupations and Reddit user Dan Lin has put the information into a really great graph. The top takeaway from the fun and long graph shows the 13 best-paid non-executive jobs in America have one thing in common: They’re all in health care. Anesthesiologists top surgeons to grab the top spot.



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Europe’s biggest loss-making cars

Europe’s car makers are facing a rough ride. Their sales are at a 17-year low region-wide. It may seem cruel of the brokerage, Sanford C. Bernstein, to remind them of their biggest commercial wrecks. Most major makers suffered billions in losses. Yet not all cars failed by accidents of poor design, ill-judged technological leaps or wildly optimistic production forecasts.


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The size of it: How the population of the world has changed

World population will grow from 7.2 billion people today to 9.6 billion in 2050.

In 1950, the world looked very different from how it does today. Europe was home to 22% of the world’s 2.5 billion people. Germany, Britain, Italy and France all counted among the 12 most populous countries. But strong economic growth in Asia coupled with high fertility rates in Africa have contributed to a big regional shift in the global population. The UN’s latest World Population Prospects expects the world to grow from 7.2 billion people today to 9.6 billion in 2050.(Chart)


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