‘Reading Between the Lines’ – Belgian architects build see-through church


Reading Between the Lines

Belgian architect duo Pieterjan Gijs and Arnuot Van Vaerenbergh have designed and constructed a see-through steel framed church.  In cooperation with Z33, the art museum of Hasselt, they are working on a five-year long installation project, where they will construct transparent churches throughout the country. (Pics)


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Roman Catholic Archdiocese to Close 32 Schools in New York

catholic school

The schools have struggled for years with declining enrollment.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York on Tuesday proposed closing 31 elementary schools and a high school next year in what church officials said was the largest school system reorganization in its history.


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Statistics Prove Australians Are Safer In Strip Clubs Than Church

9 strip1-1235

Oh The Blessed Safety of a Strip Club.

They may be holy places of worship and reflection, but new figures show you may not be as safe in a NSW church as you are at a strip club or in a brothel. The latest data, compiled by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, showed 1600 people were charged with committing a range of 27 offences in the state’s “places of worship” in 2008. Surprisingly, the figures showed only 282 people were charged in premises classified as adult entertainment over the same offences.

Bureau director Don Wedderburn said the data showed people were just as likely to be assaulted or robbed in the sanctity of a church as they were on the streets.

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‘Church Of Tiger’ Website Disbands Over Golfer’s ‘Sins’

Tiger_Woods 543
Trouble From Tiger’s Woody
The transgressions of Tiger Woods have proved too much to take for one of the golf superstar’s most fanatical fans who is now disbanding a church set up in praise of the sports icon.

John Ziegler, the pastor of the “First Church of Tiger Woods”  has announced in a statement on the blog that the organization is being dissolved because of the golfer’s “personal sins.”

The church, whose home page has now been rechristened “The Damnation of Tiger Woods,”was launched by radio host Ziegler in 1996 to “celebrate the emergence of the ‘true messiah.'”


Shooting Hoops for FISH Food Bank at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

food bank

Colorado Inventor Showcase collecting non-perishable donations for the FISH Food Bank

On Tuesday, the DaVinci Institute will collect donations as part of the fifth Colorado Inventors Showcase. The event is from 1:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the University of Denver`s Cable Center, 2000 Buchtel Blvd., Denver.  School children who bring non-perirshable goods will be able to get in free to the student program from 3:00 – 4:30 .  Registration is required so please contact Deb or Jan at 303-666-4133.


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Monasteries: The Latest Boutique Hotels


A new type of destination.

Monasteries have always welcomed travelers. When they are no longer used for monks, they make great hotels. Many have upgraded their accommodations in recent years to compete with luxury resorts.

As well as being physically beautiful, ex-monasteries are often strikingly spiritual, as if centuries of prayer and plainchant have seeped into their massive walls. A stay in a cloister seems to incline one to contemplation, reading, sleeping well and turning off the mobile.

Get a closer look at five such ex-monasteries….

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