Google now triple-encrypts all data in Google Cloud Storage

Until all pieces of the cloud — and the internet — are known secure, it’s hard to trust that any level of server-side encryption will completely do the job.

You would probably think that the NSA and other shadowy government agencies are the world’s biggest cloud proponents: all your data, all the time, in the cloud, where Prism and XKeyscore can, apparently, access it.



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The future of the quantified self movement

You are you’re data.

In the early 2000’s consumers who fell behind on their credit card payments never thought that five years later employers would use their credit reports to determine their job worthiness. Some avid social media users must have realized that insurance companies, the IRS, law enforcement, and credit agencies would soon use their their data to investigate fraud, determine creditworthiness, and monitor other potentially illegal activity. They should have as history suggests.



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The Internet of Things in action

The Internet of Things is nothing simpler than objects being connected to the internet.

Six billion objects in the world will be connected to the internet by 2015. The internet of things is nothing simpler, and more stunning, than objects being connected to the internet. At its most mind-blowing, these objects are learning and adapting to the behavior of the user. (Videos)



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Healthcare is the ‘perfect storm’, according to cloud experts

CloudBeat, the conference focused on how real customers are transitioning to the cloud.

It’s a perfect storm for cloud technology companies that are brave enough to tackle the healthcare industry — there are major challenges and opportunities.



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The future of personal computing

The cloud is starting to become the “mainframe” in the sky.

We are seeing the greatest shakeup in the world of computing that has ever taken place.  Three kinds of devices defined what computing was all about over a period of about 50 years.  We started out with mainframes, moved on to mini-computers and in the early ’80s entered the era of the personal computer.




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RazorChain – simplifies sales forecasting and operations planning


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

RazorChain delivers business forecasting made simple by a cloud based subscription service (SaaS). RazorChain is a website that helps Sales and Operations Managers to consolidate and communicate forecasts.  RazorChain helps you answer the questions:


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