Web design trends for 2014

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We saw such a  change in web design over the last couple of years that it is unbelievable to anticipate what could possibly the next hot things. What trends will flourish this year and which ones will fade off?  This year the design scene will be very interesting to watch as there will be a bunch of changes going on making for some exciting new trends actually.

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Instagram photos that are mostly blue get more likes: Study

When Curalate, a visual analytics platform, set out to quantify the impact that different image qualities have on Instagram, it discovered that photos with blue as the main color got the most likes. Reds and oranges on the other hand tended to receive 24 percent less likes than blue-tinted shots. (Infographic)



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Top graphic design and branding trends in 2013

Colors overall are making a comeback in 2013.

In 2013, advanced technology will expand and digital media will increase, but with a twist. Graphic design and branding trends are taking more chances and using multiple sources for branding individuals and businesses. It is giving designers a unique advantage because they are able to truly explore their natural creative nature.


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