Colors overall are making a comeback in 2013.

In 2013, advanced technology will expand and digital media will increase, but with a twist. Graphic design and branding trends are taking more chances and using multiple sources for branding individuals and businesses. It is giving designers a unique advantage because they are able to truly explore their natural creative nature.


Among the changes, include trends like using more color and geometric shapes in graphic design, and branding through memes. Whether you’re looking into branding for an individual or business, there are many new trends for 2013. It is getting slightly more difficult due to recent changes like Panda and Penguin 2.0 and changes in ad campaigns, but that just requires a little more creativity.

Interactions with Graphics

The first noticeable trend in graphics and branding is interactions and involvements. More than ever before, users are wanting to actually interact with the elements of graphics and branding, which is going to be more of a challenge for graphic designers. This includes more simplistic ads, but those that allow for interactivity. It also means doing away with most flashy ads and design elements.

Tailoring to Youth

Reaching out to youth isn’t new by any means with Internet marketing and branding, but their behaviors and trends are changing, so your designs have to as well. The teenagers and young adults of 2013 are more retro and “hipster” so you’re using slightly different design focuses in order to attract them. Stores like Urban Outfitters and ModCloth are doing well because they specifically cater to this group of people, which is going to grow exponentially in 2013. Irony and subtle humor should be attained.

Less Subtle Simplicity

A few years ago, the expected trend was creating branding and ads that were minimalistic, but it is slightly less so in 2013. As retro and color comes back into focus, businesses and individuals are looking for something that is simplistic, but a little less so. They are still hoping for color, shapes and geometric designs in their logos, web designs and other promotional materials.

Hand-drawn Art

Art is also coming back into focus with graphic design and branding, including hand-drawn art as opposed to clip art and stock photography. Hand-drawn art that is beautiful in the way it is flawed is going to make a comeback in 2013, so jumping on this design style now is he way to go. Remember to keep it simple, but add modest amounts of colors and shapes to the drawings.

Color Trends

Colors overall are making a comeback in 2013, and there are several that are going to be more popular than others. Use bold colors like yellow, teal, turquoise, deep blue, lime, violet and red to get started on your designs. Combinations of slightly unconventional colors will be popular in the coming months.

As you can see, graphic design and branding trends this year are focused on subtle improvements, going bold but not too flashy, and sticking with retro and classic styles.

Via She Owns It