Contemporary Comic Strips

FRANCETUCKY about jason
Drew and Natalie are the humor engines behind Francetucky, a selection of pretty funky short cartoons. Although there are currently only 22 strips, the same artists has several other selections as well. The particular aspect of these cartoons that caught my eye was the three panel style that was simple and effective for the computer age… (Pics)

Superpowers Gone Wrong



Superhero movies are like highlight reels–they only show us our heroes on good days. The web always goes exactly where it’s supposed to, the heat vision never takes out a plane flying somewhere off in the distance. But what happens when the superpowers get in the way of leading a normal life? What happens when they get in the way of getting to the bathroom on time?

We asked you to fire up photoshop and show us some scenarios where superpowers would be less than convenient. The winner is below, but first the runners up … Continue reading… “Superpowers Gone Wrong”


7 Badass/Loser Cartoon Villains


Well I guess you can say he is a villain oh wait no he isn’t hes a loser

The hero’s tale requires that he overcome long odds to defeat the bad guys. We understand that; nobody would have rooted for Luke Skywalker if Darth Vader had been a small, handicapped child.

But many of the cartoons of our childhood took this idea to absolutely retarded extremes, to the point that it strained even our childish suspension of disbelief. These are the badass villains who had no business coming out on the losing end: Continue reading… “7 Badass/Loser Cartoon Villains”