Here’s how much it costs to advertise in TV’s biggest shows


The cost of a commercial in some of the biggest shows on TV is getting lower.

Out of the 66 returning series on the big four broadcast networks and The CW, 41 saw the cost for a 30-second ad decrease in the 2018-19 season, according to Ad Age’s annual pricing survey of media agencies. Only 12 returning shows received a price hike, and another 13 remained relatively steady compared with last year.

And TV’s biggest property—the NFL—might have hit a ceiling in commercial prices, at least for now.

After two years of price hikes for a 30-second commercial in NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” those increases have stalled this season. Advertisers are paying $665,677 on average for a 30-second spot in the broadcast, about $30,000 less than the $699,602 advertisers paid last year.

Still, “Sunday Night Football” remains by far the most expensive TV show for advertisers (excluding Fox’s late-national NFL games on Sunday afternoons, which are not technically in prime time and average over $700,000 a pop).


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Loud TV commercials will soon be a thing of the past


Those annoying ultra-loud TV commercials will soon be a thing of the past.

Today, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to pass regulations requiring broadcasters and cable and satellite TV systems to maintain constant volume levels. The order will go into effect one year from today.   The order “says commercials must have the same average volume as the programs they accompany,” says FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

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Food ads have more clout than parents: study


Kids who saw an ad for fries picked the fries, even when their parents tried to get them to pick a healthier alternative.

Food ads are more persuasive than an involved parent when it comes to children’s food selection, a new study in The Journal of Pediatrics suggests.  Researchers were surprised at the findings when they were trying to determine the impact of commercials in childrens’ diets.



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