Quantum ‘compass’ promises navigation without using GPS


It could keep society humming when satellites fail.

GPS is vital to modern navigation, but it’s extremely fragile. Never mind coverage — if a satellite fails or there’s a jamming attack, it quickly becomes useless. Scientists may have a much more robust answer, though. Scientists have demonstrated a “commercially viable” quantum accelerometer that could provide navigation without GPS or other satellite technology. The device uses lasers to cool atoms to extremely low temperatures, and then measures the quantum wave properties of those atoms as they respond to acceleration.

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Halo 6-In-1 Projection Alarm Clock & Flashlight & Calendar & Compass



Given its functionality, I can only assume this Halo 6-in-1 device is designed for something like camping trips where you might need a flashlight and compass at the same time. But if you’re camping do you really need or even want an alarm clock waking you up in the morning? The only reason I venture out into the great outdoors is for a little rest and relaxation, and an alarm at the crack of dawn doesn’t factor into that equation.

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