Mini Urbanaut concept hints at how its cars could look in a decade

Mini Urbanaut concept hints at how its cars could look by the time new petrol and diesel vehicles are banned – and it can convert into a living room on wheels at the push of a button

  • Mini has unveiled an electric and self-driving compact car concept it sees as a vision for vehicles sold in 2030
  • At a turn of a switch, the Urbanaut mini-MPV doubles as a relaxing sanctuary for drivers and passengers
  • It features a comfortable sofa in the rear, fold-down dashboard day-bed, rotating chairs and a dining table
  • The windscreen swings open from the top hinges to provide what designers have called a ‘street balcony’

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Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept Car


BEHOLD! The World Thorium Fuel concept car by Cadillac.

The Cadillac WTF (yes, we know), designed by Loren Kulesus, is supposed to be powered by the nuclear fuel thorium and therefore last 100 years (Whaaa? Nuclear fuel in a car? What an intriguing idea!):

Elsewhere, every major system is redundant in case of a failure. And the wheels don’t have individual tires – in fact, what’s located at each corner is one combined unit made up of six individual wheels.

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One Seater Future Car


Feel Like A Jet Pilot In This Street Machine

The other day Charlie White offered up some car technologies that could save Detroit, and on that list was “build a tiny car like the Smart.” Well, I’ve got a provision to that motion: make those tiny cars look good, like the Hawk. New Zealander Alex Hodge’s slick concept car is billed as being small and lightweight, which is easy to believe as it’s just a one-seater.

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