Gaming Firm Hacks Microsoft Kinect Controller to Create Interactive Pornography


The demo video shows a man controlling a floating hand to ‘interact’ with video game characters.

It really was only a matter of time.

For while Microsoft’s innovative Kinect controller was designed for family fun it has already been hacked so it can be used in a different way entirely: sex.


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Grippity Keyboard

Grippity Keyboard 

 The Grippity

The Grippity is a crazy-looking device that’s designed to completely change the way you type. You hold it in your hands and type from the back, as you’re able to see through the keyboard to your fingers behind it. There are controls for your thumbs up top as well, allowing you to fully control a computer using a grip reminiscent of a video game controller.

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Nokia’s Smart Home Center

Nokia’s Smart Home Center 

The cellphone giant Nokia wishes to tinker with your home, letting you control the entire house activities from the leisure of your couch or the bed. Nokia is to develop a new platform to enable users to monitor their electronics and homes energy status locally or remotely, with a mobile device. For developing the platform Nokia has teamed up with RWE, Europe’s largest home energy providers. With the help of the platform users can remain connected to their homes and monitor their homes’ energy consumption, security devices and other like cameras and motion sensors. Apart from the normal home automation features the Smart Home will allow users to turn off appliances that are wasting energy when they are away from home.

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Software That Gives A Sense Of Touch In The Virtual Environment

Software That Gives A Sense Of Touch In The Virtual Environment 

Being a human, you feel; so do I. However, software can also feel! Surprised, one might be. But this is a reality, as an Edinburgh-based company has just launched an incredible software technology by the name of Cre8. Now, what is implausible about this is that it has an interactive interface, which means the creators, designers or artists interact and even can manipulate the content in a virtual 3D workspace using the sense of touch technology.

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Zeemote – Bluetooth Controller For Mobile Phone Gamers

Zeemote - Bluetooth Controller For Mobile Phone Gamers 


If those XL-sized fingers of yours have given you sores while gaming and forced you to tearfully bid farewell to this hobby, the Zeemote joystick could offer some respite. Designed specifically for mobile phone gamers, the Bluetooth-enabled controller offers you a “console-style gaming experience.” Ergonomically designed to snuggle into your closed palm, the Zeemote is ultra-light at 47g and measures just 95×35x20mm. The wireless controller is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones from all leading manufacturers.

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Intelligent Key – World’s First Cell Phone-To-Car Remote Control

Intelligent Key - World’s First Cell Phone-To-Car Remote Control 

 Nissan’s Intellegent Key Cell Phone

Three Japanese engineering giants, Nissan, NTT Docomo and Sharp, have joined forces to introduce the world’s first cellphone with the ability to act as an Intelligent Key for your car. Nissan’s Intelligent Key technology already comes standard in most of its vehicles, but incorporating the function into a cell phone pushes the boundaries of what Japanese multi-function phones can do. The wireless controller has the ability to lock or unlock a car, as well as start or stop the car’s engine.

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