People are more likely to play smartphone and tablet games these days than buy a separate console to satisfy their inner gaming geek. Yet even casual gamers might want more control over their little addiction. That’s where the GameCase controller steps in.



Resembling a controller that is literally split into two halves, the GameCase system helps transform your regular iPhone or iPad device into a portable console by adding two console-style controllers to either side of your device. It features a full-sized classic D-pad, two analog sticks on both sides and console-style ABXY buttons that are optimized for use with iOS 7 devices and are amply spaced so that your fingers don’t block the screen. Simply slip your device of choice into the GameCase’s protective polycarbonate shell and you’re ready to game on.

Coordinated to work with your iOS device’s touchscreen, accelerometer and gyroscope, the GameCase allows easy play with over 150,000-plus games in the App Store, so you can play retro-style games like Street Fighter and Pac-Man. While using the physical GameCase controls, you can tilt your device in 3D motions and use your device’s existing multi-touch features to combine for one awesome on-the-go game package.

The GameCase can also be used with AirPlay for an enhanced, large-screen gaming experience, almost like a half-baked Wii U, but way cheaper. It will support the iPad 2, 3, and 4 as well as the iPad mini and will also work with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 4/4S.The device is still in development at the moment, with release date and price details to come later.

Via Dvice