The rise of the online courtroom

The digital revolution has not escaped the courts. The courtroom of tomorrow may no longer involve litigants and their lawyers pitching up armed with reams of papers to do battle before robed, bewigged judges. In fact, for many it may not involve a court at all. Judges could be replaced by computers and the courtroom with the internet to meet the needs of the 21st-century litigants.

Last month Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary Liz Truss unveiled the Prisons and Courts Bill. Aside from wide-ranging plans to reform prisons, the Bill contained proposals to enable people and businesses with claims worth up to £25,000 to use an online digital process instead of going to court.

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1 in 4 Courts to Close in England


The Government was saving only £13 million from the move and it would affect the victims of crime, who were often elderly and frail.

Nearly one in four courts will close in England and Wales, the Ministry of Justice confirmed last night.  A total of 93 magistrates’ courts and 49 county courts will shut in the major cost-cutting drive.  It means just 15 of the 157 originally proposed for closure have been spared the axe.


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