The Five Scientific Reasons Mom Deserves Mother’s Day


Even science is behind mom on mother’s day

If you haven’t yet planned the brunch or picked out the flowers or at least mailed the card, then consider what follows the only motivation you should need. In short, mothers have it tough.

Changes in American culture have liberated women in many ways. Mom is now free to do all the chores moms have been doing for generations – such as wiping snot off kids’ noses, cleaning the house and handling all the family’s finances and social plans – and now she can work a day job or feel guilty for not having one, too. Continue reading… “The Five Scientific Reasons Mom Deserves Mother’s Day”


How Old Is The Universe? Just Ask The Texas School Board


The age of the universe up for vote. I cant believe this news if real.

During the Texas State Board of Education hearings on science standards for Texas schoolchildren, BoE member and staunch creationist Barbara Cargill decided that the age of the Universe was up for vote. Oddly enough, I had some issue with that. You may vote on issues all you want, and you can even vote on morality if you’d like, but scientific reality is not a matter of opinion and cares not for the majority vote.

The National Center for Science Education has video of the moment where it becomes clear that Ms. Cargill, not happy enough to destroy biology for students, proposes an amendment to creationize astronomy as well: Continue reading… “How Old Is The Universe? Just Ask The Texas School Board”


Spiders Getting Bigger


Giant meat eating spiders Ahh! Way to go global warming

As if global warming isn’t giving us enough to worry about, now scientists say it could lead to bigger-and possibly more-spiders of at least one species.

A group of Danish scientists wondered whether global warming would make the hairy, meat-eating wolf spiders of northeastern Greenland bigger, since longer summers mean more hunting time. The little-known species, Pardosa glacialis, grows as long as 1.6 inches (four centimeters), study co-author Toke Høye of Aarhus University estimates. Continue reading… “Spiders Getting Bigger”


Bamboo Bikes


Get a splinter in places that we just cant talk about

Fast growing bamboo seems to be the current material of choice for many green thinking designs, so it was just a matter of time before someone came up with a bamboo bike frame. While I don’t think the world’s landfills are getting clogged up with steel bikes, but most of the alloys used do contain some pretty nasty stuff like chromium and molybdenum. (Pics) Continue reading… “Bamboo Bikes”