Business Colonies: A study of structure, organization, and the evolution of work


Business Colonies: Matching talent with pending work projects

Futurist Thomas Frey:  The average person that turns 30 years old in the U.S. today has worked 11 different jobs. In just 10 years, the average person who turns 30 will have worked 200-300 different projects.


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‘Religiosity Gene’ Predicted to Dominate Society in the Future


A  study has investigated how the differing fertility rates between religious and secular individuals might affect the genetic evolution of society overall.

In the past 20 years, the Amish population in the US has doubled, increasing from 123,000 in 1991 to 249,000 in 2010. The huge growth stems almost entirely from the religious culture’s high fertility rate, which is about 6 children per woman, on average. At this rate, the Amish population will reach 7 million by 2100 and 44 million by 2150. On the other hand, the growth may not continue if future generations of Amish choose to defect from the religion and if secular influences reduce the birth rate. In a new study, Robert Rowthorn, emeritus professor of economics at Cambridge University, has looked at the broader picture underlying this particular example: how will the high fertility rates of religious people throughout the world affect the future of human genetic evolution, and therefore the biological makeup of society?


Chinese Language Will Soon Dominate the Internet

In the beginning, the language of the World Wide Web was English. Times change though, and the United States’ military’s gift to civilization knows no national boundaries, and growing worldwide adoption of the internet has changed the audience make-up to such an extent that the dominant language of the internet is about to become Chinese. That’s not to say the Chinese are all that comfortable with this either. There has just been an official decree requiring the use of Chinese translations for all English words and phrases in newspapers, magazines and web sites. While all countries have watched the unregulated global nature of the internet erode traditional cultural values and the integrity of national languages, it seems the Chinese powers-that-be have concluded that the purity of the Chinese language needs to be preserved.


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New Movement Trying to Get American’s to Wash Less


New movement turning their noses up at cleanliness.

Want to save water? A growing number of Americans have a novel solution: don’t wash.  Turning up their noses at the US culture of cleanliness – 93 per cent of the country’s adults say they wash their hair every day – these few shun showers and eschew deodorants, adopting the slogan: “Smell more like yourself”.


Freudian Psychoanalysts Gaining New Ground in China


Sigmund Freud

On a recent morning, Danille Drake flipped on her computer and sat down to wait in the home office of her two-story Bethesda house. As the screen flickered to life, she explained how she has spent her whole career learning and practicing the teachings of Sigmund Freud. And how, for decades, she has watched the slow death of his theories, abandoned in favor of antidepressant drugs and newer treatments.


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Mexican Investments in U.S. Create Jobs, Taking Over U.S. Brands


Mexico City-based Bimbo bought the U.S. baked-goods operations of Weston Foods taking over 22 industrial bakeries and 4,000 distribution routes.

A new kind of Mexican immigrant is making it big in the USA: huge Mexican corporations that are snapping up U.S. brand names, opening U.S. factories and investing millions of pesos north of the border. From Thomas’ English Muffins to Borden milk, Saks Fifth Avenue department stores to The New York Times newspaper, Mexican investors have taken advantage of low interest rates and depressed prices during the economic downturn to expand their holdings in el norte.


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Asian Nations Battling Superstition to Boost Birth Rates in the Year of the Tiger

year of the tiger

Many people in Asian countries believe Tiger babies could be vicious and bring harm to relatives.

The Year of the Tiger may be the year of empty nurseries in Asia. Nations in Asia are witnessing record low birthrates that experts warn will eventually leave the region without the workers needed to bolster the economy and pay for social benefits.


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More Young, Unmarried Couples Choosing to Live Together in Urban India


Swati Chauhan, 24, and boyfriend Sanjay Austa, 34 in their New Delhi apartment.

About three years ago, Arushi Singh and her boyfriend began looking for an apartment to rent together. They found the perfect place, with a balcony and big lawn, in a posh area of India’s capital.  But when they went to sign the lease, the landlady demanded to know whether they were married.