Diesel Cars Outsell Gas-Powered Cars in Britain For the First Time

 gas powered car

Sales of diesel cars have overtaken gas-run vehicles for the first time.

More diesel cars were sold in Britain last month than their petrol-driven counterparts, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) latest survey revealed.  The survey of new car registrations showed that in July diesel cars took a record high 50.6 per cent of the market share after rising 11.8 per cent while petrol car registrations declined by 13.2 per cent.


Gandhi Peace Symbol Made Into Diesel

Respectfully Converted to Bio-diesel
A pet elephant that once belonged to Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi and was given as a symbol of peace and friendship to the people of former Yugoslavia has been turned into diesel.

The 42-year-old Indian tusker – called Sony – died two months ago of heart failure and the plan to turn the enourmous corpse into bio diesel was agreed on after a special park task force was set up to work out how best to work out what to do with the body of the prízed symbol of peace and friendship.


A Ferry Powered Completely by Rechargeable Batteries

ferry battery powered 12431

A fresh ferry concept.

A Japanese shipbuilding company named IHI Marine United is developing a ship that can be powered entirely by rechargeable lithium batteries. It will be able to travel 80 km while carrying 800 passengers:

Its Zero Emission Electric Propulsion Ship will use batteries that can be recharged at charging stations in ports it visits. The plug-in ship powered by lithium-ion batteries would run without a diesel engine, thus cutting its carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide emissions to zero.

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Thermoelectric Material May Help Cars Turn Heat Into Electricity

Thermoelectric Material May Help Cars Turn Heat Into Electricity 

 Thermoelectric Material

Researchers have invented a new material that will make cars even more efficient, by converting heat wasted through engine exhaust into electricity. In the current issue of the journal Science, they describe a material with twice the efficiency of anything currently on the market.

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Ottawa To Build The First Gasification Plant In North America

Ottawa To Build The First Gasification Facility In North America

First gasification facility in North America to make energy from waste.

This week, city counselors in Ottawa, Ontario, unanimously approved a new waste-to-energy facility that will turn 400 metric tons of garbage per day into 21 megawatts of net electricity–enough to power about 19,000 homes. Rather than burning trash to generate heat, as with an incinerator, the facility proposed by Ottawa-based PlascoEnergy Group employs electric-plasma torches to gasify the municipal waste and enlist the gas to generate electricity.

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Diesel Fumes Shown Harmful to Brain

Diesel Fumes Shown to Harm Brain

Inhaling diesel exhaust triggers a stress response in the brain that may have damaging long-term effects on brain function, Dutch researchers said on Tuesday.

Previous studies have found very small particles of soot, or nanoparticles, are able to travel from the nose and lodge in the brain. But this is the first time researchers have demonstrated a change in brain activity.

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Tough Guys Love the Diesel Multi Display Watch

Tough Guys Love the Diesel Multi Display Watch

This new watch in the Diesel Signature collection has more dials than you will know what to do with.  It features a chronograph as well as four miniature movements. Over all, pretty nice looking and rugged at the same time, sporting a black genuine leather strap and stainless steel case, with stainless steel plates and Diesel screws.


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