Milk From Organic Cattle Less Fatty Than Ordinary Milk

organic milk

Organic milk is better for your health.

Milk from organic cattle that eat a fresh grass diet is consistently better for your health, a new study claims. Researchers have found that organic milk generally contained less saturated fat and more good fatty acids than milk produced at intensive commercial dairy farms. 


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Study: You Are What Your Father Eats


Your father’s diet while growing up can affect your future health.

Researchers have discovered that a father’s lifestyle can be passed down to his children because it “reprograms” his genes.  The study shows the hereditary effects of a process called “epigenetics” which is how our environment and lifestyle can permanently alter our genes as we grow up.


Air Pollution Raises Obesity Risk For Young Animals


Obesity risk raised despite diet.

Now this research concerns itself with non-human animals (mice specifically), but it does provide interesting insight into the non-diet factors which may be at play in soaring obesity rates and the way environmental pollution influences development: A new study shows that exposure to polluted air early in life, at levels that correspond to the amount of fine particulate pollution found in many US cities, can lead to increased accumulation of abdominal fat and insulin resistance, even if a healthy diet is followed.


Nutrition Expert Loses 27 Pounds in 10 Weeks on a Twinkie Diet

mark haub

Professor Haub – who lost 27lb – teaches human nutrition at Kansas State University in the U.S.

A professor who went on a ten-week diet based on cream cakes, snacks, sugary cereals and biscuits says he lost nearly two stone. Mark Haub said that on the ‘convenience store diet’ his ‘bad’ cholesterol also dropped by 20 per cent and his level of triglycerides, a form of fat, by 39 per cent.


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Study: Milk Helps with Weight Loss – Got Milk?

milk and weight loss

Milk does help you lose weight and has other health benefits as well.

Milk helps advance weight loss?  That’s a surprise to most of us, because many of the most popular diet programs exclude or minimize dairy products as part of their regimes.  A two-year study shows not only that milk drinkers lose more weight, but that Vitamin D has other health benefits besides preventing skin cancer.


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New Wonder Drug Tackles Obesity, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol All in One Jab


New diet wonder drug may be available in 3 years.

A four-in-one diet drug that can help a woman drop two dress sizes in six months has been developed by scientists.  The jab, which could be available in three years, also lowers blood pressure, raises ‘good’ cholesterol, and can prevent and even cure diabetes.


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